Thursday, June 17, 2010


Well Baseball season is almost coming to an end. My oldest son's travel team has won 4 and lost 6, his little league team has won 5 and lost 5. We have 1 more week of games then comes time for tourney. My youngest, has enjoyed playing T-Ball.

Our family is ready for our vacation - it is going to be great. Going to Florida to see my brother and take the boys to Universal Studios. It will be great, the boys are very excited.

My cricut life has been on the back burner for a week now with all the games back to back. But I still use my gypsy while at the games and practices so makes it nice, I create and then when I have some time I will just hook it up to my E then "cut"

I will be signing up for the Circle!!! So very excited about that!


  1. Very Pretty blog and I joined the Circle also. Thanks for showing the new cartridges. So glad to hear you have a new job!

  2. Hi, Leslie. Nice blog. I also joined the Circle, it's good to find other Circlets. I live in Central Florida, so I guess you'll be in my neck of the woods, soon. It's been very hot here, so be prepared....and enjoy your vacation!