Saturday, July 24, 2010

Birthday Project

My grandpa is turning 92 years old on August 7th.  We are having a big party for him and celebrating everything about him.  All my aunts and uncles will be at the party.  I am very excited to see him and all my family.   Well anyway, I couldn't figure out what to get Grandpa for his birthday.  So I made this using my gypsy with carts:  Printing 101 and Gypsy Font.  I cut out a template and the used Armour Etch on the template I cut out.  The think I did wrong was not cut it out flipped.  The etching is actually on the top of the glass....oh well it still turned out good.  I think the worst part for me was coming up with words that I felt described my Grandpa and starting with all those letter.  Thanks for looking!!