Saturday, May 21, 2011

I WON I WON!!!! 2X!!!

So I helped my BFF friend and her family move today.  It rained on us a few times but we were able to get everything moved that we needed to.  Well I get home and I WON my ebay item....guess what it was!  THE E2!!!  OH YEAH DOING THE HAPPY DANCE!!!  So I figured I would go check things out on the cricut messageboard see what was happening.  First place I went was the cricut chat room, seen the sticky about the and thought oh yeah what is happening there.  Guess what!  I WON a $100 gift card to the!!!  HOW EXCITING!!!!  So I won my E2, won $100 ....  good thing I bought that lottery ticket today!  lol  Anyway hope everyone had a great day!!!

See check it out... THAT is ME!!! day 3 Winner!!! 

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